Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Hans Rosling (short talk)

Always de-average

2009 Arthur Benjamin (short talk)

School math curriculum requires a dramatic shift -- place probability and statistics at the pinnacle, rather than calculus.

2009 Nina Jablonski

Barack Obama is the first moderately pigmented president of the United States.

2009 Yann Arthus-Bertrand

It's too late to be pessimistic.

2009 Jake Eberts

Declarations by politicians accumulate and get lost but the work of storytellers persist ("Oceans" documentary on the state of our oceans to be released in 2009).

2009 Seth Godin

You don't need charisma to be a leader, leading gives you charisma.

2009 Ray Anderson

Take from the earth only what it can remake naturally and quickly because it's good business.

2009 Tim Berners-Lee

Everyone should take up the chant, "Linked data NOW!" -- raw data is better than processed, now is better than later.

2009 Bill Gates

More research money is spent on baldness than on malaria!

2009 Peter Singer

The ability to run robotic wars ends mankind's monopoly on war and will inure us to its horrors.

2009 Juan Enriquez

Trends show that artifical body parts will not just overcome handicap and illness but will soon provide superior ability -- opening up a slew of new issues.