Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Jamie Oliver

You fat slobs!

2010 Daniel Kahneman on experiencing happiness and remembering it

Happy in your life is different from happy about your life and memories are often based on how stories end and are remembered rather than the actual sum total experience

2010 William Li on angiogenesis balance as the cure-all

The act of eating is like chemotherapy 3 times a day and anti-angiogenic foods (Earl Grey tea, combinations of teas even better, berries, parsley, soy, dark chocolate, red grapes, red wine, tomatoes...) can help prevent cancer.

2010 David Cameron on enlightened government

The goal of society should be wellbeing and getting there requires the right political will enabled by technology /transparency as we move from the bureaucratic age (centralized power) into the post-bureacuratic age (people power).

2010 Esther Duflo on evidence based policy

You can take the guesswork out of policy decisions by applying randomized controlled experiments

2010 Omar Ahmad on how to influence your elected representative

Handwrite a letter, para 1 - appreciate something, para 2 - bluntly state the issue, para 3 - offer a way out, para 4 - offer help and send the original to the local office and a copy to DC.

2010 Margaret Stewart on progressive rights controls

Empowering sharing of digital information through rights clarification can be a win-win - basically an appeal to rights' holders to set permissive rules on their content in You Tube's content matching database

2010 Tom Wujec on the marshmallow challenge

Given a simple collaborative challenge, performance of different groups as follows:
new b-school students < average person < CEOs < kindergartners < CEOs+admins
(order of CEO vs. kindergartners may have been switched, but the point made is the same)

2010 Keith Ferrazzi on being your own glass ceiling

Understand your dreams, then identify the 5 people who matter the most to that dream and enlist them as partners

2010 Katie Stanton on technology and the government

Technology creates a new nervous system of information and monetary flows that empowers and enables government e.g. Haiti donations and help needed information via texting

2010 Doug Randall on crowdsourcing intelligence insights

Insight that comes from crowdsourcing is better than a data dump.

2010 Derek Sivers on the "first follower"

Leadership is over glorified - It's the first follower who turns the lone nut into a leader by the act of following and that's a heroic role to play.

2010 Jennifer McCrea on exponential fund raising

People do not give to the needs of your organization, they give to join you in achieving your vision.

2010 Kevin Surace

I saved a window manufacturing plant

2010 Suzie Katz on photography

Always look for the light...AND the shadow

2010 Robert Gupta on the powers of music

Music is transformative in a healing way and I've seen it in Nathaniel Anthony Ayers' eyes

2010 Janet Baker on the engineering inside our brains

Variety is the spice of life because novelty "excites" us as shown by brain responses over time to semantic stimuli

2010 Neil Izenberg on why babies are cute

Babies are cute because of the law of the survival of the cutest - true for design, true for animal right's groups

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Cindy Gallop on microactions to change the world

Turn good intentions into actions by changing the world microaction at a time (enabled by a social web tool)

2010 Phil Zimbardo on "heroes are us"

Villains and heroes are the exceptions, the vast majority of people do nothing of imagination: a new conception of heroism needs to be democratized (anyone), demystified (ordinary people, extraordinary acts), diffused (hero networks) and declared (public commitment to be a hero)

2010 Juliana Machado Ferreira on what happens after the good guys arrive

Saving trafficked animals does not end at the rescue - there needs to be a way to responsibly release the animals back into the wild rather than euthanize them.

2010 Jonathan Drori on pollen

Pollen is tiny, biologically active, engages in promiscuous sex, sticks onto things (leaves a forensic trail) and is generally really cool ;)

2010 Jessica Green on micro ecosystems

The crease between your arms is a tropical rain forest

2010 Jonathan Klein on images that change the world

When you are faced with a photograph that is difficult to look at you can make a choice to turn away or do something; we bring to each image our own values

2010 Frederik Balagadde on microdiagnostics

Similar technologies to those that allowed miniaturization of electronics are now allowing miniaturization of diagnostics - think of a micro fluid system analogous to a microchip.

2010 David Bolinsky says, "see your dermatologist"

Tanning kills

2010 Kevin R. Stone on bioware

Use biologic tissue to regrow damaged human tissue or replace it with human or animal donor tissue (primed with your stem cells) instead of doing artificial joint replacement and harness the benefits of 400 million years of evolution.

2010 Daniel Kraft races through a swathe of medic technologies

Exponentially more powerful and cheaper technology and data will transform the health care paradigm through targeted personalized interventions that will move us towards stage 0 medicine.

2010 Felix Kramer on throwing away his running shoes

Shoes do nothing to protect runners, in fact it's safer to run bare foot because you land better

2010 Catherine Mohr on sustainability choices

Often it's not where you expect that the sustainability benefit (or cost) lies

Michael Martin on reaction to recession same as to a Tornado

Stay positive, provide leadership, control your senses, stay safe, it will ultimately pass